SOPMOD M4 Carbine

All Special Forces qualified players will be able to fully customize their SOPMOD M4 Carbine rifles. On this new page in the user interface the player will be able to add and remove mods from their M4, as well as save their favorite configurations as "SETS" for quick changes. The current weapon mods available are as follows:

ACOG 4X Scope
A tritium lit 4x magnification scope that combines long-range, precision marksmanship and close-in aiming speed.

Acog Reflex Sight
An amber dot sight powered by a fiber-optic light gathering system and a tritium lamp, designed for operations in extremely close quarters battle in any condition.

M68 Aimpoint Sight
A red-dot reflex sight designed for operations in a close quarters environment. The M68 allows for quick acquisition of the target with a high hit probability.

M203A1 Grenade Launcher
A shortened variant of the M203, the M203A1 is designed for the SOPMOD M4. The M203A1 adds the capability of delivering explosive ordnance at distances beyond 200 meters.

M583A1 Flare Launcher
The M583A1 is designed for the SOPMOD M4 using the M203A1. The M583A1 flare adds the capability of delivering illumination at distances beyond 200 meters, lasting for roughly 12 seconds. This mod is only available on SFRecon.

Harris Bipod
Lightweight and rugged, the Harris bipod allows the weapon to be supported adding stability and accuracy when shooting from a prone position.

M4QD Suppressor
The M4QD Suppressor suppresses both the sound and flash of the weapon, allowing the operator to avoid detection.

Standard issue carrying handle equipped with an ironsight.

Protects operator's hands from heat dissipation and covers the rail system while not in use.

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