Cannon PowerShot S2 IS

Product Overview:
PowerShot S2 IS is a more advanced model succeeding the PowerShot S1 IS with a high-powered lens and enhanced movie taking functions.

This camera is equipped with an approximately 5.0 million camera effective pixel 1/2.5-inch Charge Coupled Device (CCD). Also, with "DIGIC II", higher resolution and high-speed processing were achieved and the startup time and response time were shortened.

This camera is equipped with a 12x optical zoom lens, which covers a 35 mm film equivalent focal length ranging from 36 mm to 432 mm, and has an f/2.7 to f/3.5 aperture.

By incorporating a UD (Ultra Low Dispersion) lens into the lens element, the chromatic aberration was reduced.

Same as PowerShot S1 IS, this model incorporates an image stabilizer, which reduces the effects of camera shake while shooting.

In addition, the zoom lens's super-smooth, super-fast ultra sonic motor (USM) provides all the zooming speed you need.

This camera can take VGA (640 x 480 pixels) movies with exceptional image quality at a full 30 frames per second. Furthermore, it can shoot movies even in the still image shooting modes and vice versa.

Moreover, digital zoom and manual focus are available as well as adjusting the zoom or exposure, or locking the AF or exposure while shooting a movie.

Movies up to 1GB capacity can be taken.

This camera has 13 shooting modes, the same as the PowerShot S1 IS. And, instead of "Fast Shutter" and "Slow Shutter" you can use the newly added "Special Scene Modes(*1)" to shoot an image with the most appropriate settings for the scene and with "My Colors" you can change image colors.

A stereo microphone and a function to record stereophonic sound were newly added, and the recording quality improved (16bit, 44.1k Hz) also.

This camera is equipped with a Print/Share button. This button lets you easily print your images and download images directly from the camera to a computer (Windows? /Mac OS X) by connecting the camera directly to a direct print compatible printer(*2) or connecting the camera to the computer.

This camera complies with the PictBridge(*3) industry standard and has an additional function for multiple image layout.

This camera is equipped with an upgraded 1.8 inch Liquid Crystal Display (LCD). As a function to switch images back and forth while magnified and slow motion playback for movies is available, the operability in playback mode is advanced remarkably.

This camera operates with four AA batteries and an SD memory card for the recording media. The dimension of the main body is 113.0 x 78.0 x 75.5 mm and the weight is approx. 405g.

Software for transferring your pictures to a computer, organizing pictures, laying out pictures for printing and editing still pictures and movies is included with the camera. This software is available for both the Windows and Mac OS platforms(*4).

Also, as this camera is compatible with Hi-Speed USB 2.0, high-speed image transfer with a Hi-Speed USB 2.0 compatible computer is possible.

Various accessories sold separately such as conversion lenses are available. In addition, the high-power flash that extends the range of flash shooting is available as an accessory sold separately.

1: Special Scene modes: [Foliage], [Snow], [Beach], [Fireworks] [Indoor], [Night Snapshot]

2: Direct print compatible printers include the Canon Compact Photo Printer CP series (Canon Direct Print and PictBridge compatible), the Canon Bubble Jet series (Bubble Jet Direct and PictBridge compatible) and non-Canon PictBridge compliant printers.

3: PictBridge is an industry standard for direct printing that allows you to print images without using a computer by directly connecting digital cameras and digital camcorders to a printer, regardless of the devices' brand and model.

4: Windows 98 SE/Me/2000 SP4/XP (including SP1/SP2), Mac OS X (v10.1.5-10.3)


Sample Images:

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