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Thunderbird, Foxmail, 附件


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The Secret Source of Google's Power

Much is being written about Gmail, Google's free webmail system. There's something deeper to learn about Google from this product than the initial reaction to the product features, however. Ignore for a moment the observations about Google leapfrogging their competitors with more user value and a new feature or two. Or Google diversifying away from search into other applications; they've been doing that for a while. Or the privacy red herring.

No, the story is about seemingly incremental features that are actually massively expensive for others to match, and the platform that Google is building which makes it cheaper and easier for them to develop and run web-scale applications than anyone else.

I've written before about Google's snippet service, which required that they store the entire web in RAM. All so they could generate a slightly better page excerpt than other search engines.

Google has taken the last 10 years of systems software research out of university labs, and built their own proprietary, production quality system. What is this platform that Google is building? It's a distributed computing platform that can manage web-scale datasets on 100,000 node server clusters. It includes a petabyte, distributed, fault tolerant filesystem, distributed RPC code, probably network shared memory and process migration. And a datacenter management system which lets a handful of ops engineers effectively run 100,000 servers. Any of these projects could be the sole focus of a startup.

Speculation: Gmail's Architecture and Economics

Let's make some guesses about how one might build a Gmail.

Hotmail has 60 million users. Gmail's design should be comparable, and should scale to 100 million users. It will only have to support a couple of million in the first year though.

  The most obvious challenge is the storage. You can't lose people's email, and you don't want to ever be down, so data has to be replicated. RAID is no good; when a disk fails, a human needs to replace the bad disk, or there is risk of data loss if more disks fail. One imagines the old ENIAC technician running up and down the isles of Google's data center with a shopping cart full of spare disk drives instead of vacuum tubes. RAID also requires more expensive hardware -- at least the hot swap drive trays. And RAID doesn't handle high availability at the server level anyway.

No. Google has 100,000 servers. If a server/disk dies, they leave it dead in the rack, to be reclaimed/replaced later. Hardware failures need to be instantly routed around by software.

Google has built their own distributed, fault-tolerant, petabyte filesystem, the Google Filesystem. This is ideal for the job. Say GFS replicates user email in three places; if a disk or a server dies, GFS can automatically make a new copy from one of the remaining two. Compress the email for a 3:1 storage win, then store user's email in three locations, and their raw storage need is approximately equivalent to the user's mail size.

The Gmail servers wouldn't be top-heavy with lots of disk. They need the CPU for indexing and page view serving anyway. No fancy RAID card or hot-swap trays, just 1-2 disks per 1U server.

It's straightforward to spreadsheet out the economics of the service, taking into account average storage per user, cost of the servers, and monetization per user per year. Google apparently puts the operational cost of storage at $2 per gigabyte. My napkin math comes up with numbers in the same ballpark. I would assume the yearly monetized value of a webmail user to be in the $1-10 range.

Cheap Hardware

Here's an anecdote to illustrate how far Google's cultural approach to hardware cost is different from the norm, and what it means as a component of their competitive advantage.

In a previous job I specified 40 moderately-priced servers to run a new internet search site we were developing. The ops team overrode me; they wanted 6 more expensive servers, since they said it would be easier to manage 6 machines than 40.

What this does is raise the cost of a CPU second. We had engineers that could imagine algorithms that would give marginally better search results, but if the algorithm was 10 times slower than the current code, ops would have to add 10X the number of machines to the datacenter. If you've already got $20 million invested in a modest collection of Suns, going 10X to run some fancier code is not an option.

Google has 100,000 servers.

Any sane ops person would rather go with a fancy $5000 server than a bare $500 motherboard plus disks sitting exposed on a tray. But that's a 10X difference to the cost of a CPU cycle. And this frees up the algorithm designers to invent better stuff.

Without cheap CPU cycles, the coders won't even consider algorithms that the Google guys are deploying. They're just too expensive to run.

Google doesn't deploy bare motherboards on exposed trays anymore; they're on at least the fourth iteration of their cheap hardware platform. Google now has an institutional competence building and maintaining servers that cost a lot less than the servers everyone else is using. And they do it with fewer people.

Think of the little internal factory they must have to deploy servers, and the level of automation needed to run that many boxes. Either network boot or a production line to pre-install disk images. Servers that self-configure on boot to determine their network config and load the latest rev of the software they'll be running. Normal datacenter ops practices don't scale to what Google has.

What are all those OS Researchers doing at Google?

Rob Pike

has gone to Google. Yes, that Rob Pike -- the OS researcher, the member of the original Unix team from Bell Labs. This guy isn't just some labs hood ornament; he writes code, lots of it. Big chunks of whole new operating systems like Plan 9.

Look at the depth of the research background of the Google employees in OS, networking, and distributed systems. Compiler Optimization. Thread migration. Distributed shared memory.

I'm a sucker for cool OS research. Browsing papers from Google employees about distributed systems, thread migration, network shared memory, GFS, makes me feel like a kid in Tomorrowland wondering when we're going to Mars. Wouldn't it be great, as an engineer, to have production versions of all this great research.

Google engineers do!

Competitive Advantage

Google is a company that has built a single very large, custom computer. It's running their own cluster operating system. They make their big computer even bigger and faster each month, while lowering the cost of CPU cycles. It's looking more like a general purpose platform than a cluster optimized for a single application.

While competitors are targeting the individual applications Google has deployed, Google is building a massive, general purpose computing platform for web-scale programming.

This computer is running the world's top search engine, a social networking service, a shopping price comparison engine, a new email service, and a local search/yellow pages engine. What will they do next with the world's biggest computer and most advanced operating system?


Download Video From Youtube

Youtube有很多有意思的视频,可 供娱乐或学习。如果我是英语老师,我觉得有些视频就可以用做听力课或者口语课的材料。但youtube本身不提供视频下载服务,它所使用的是FLV格式, 要用FLVplayer播放(据说最新版的暴风影音也可以)。下面我们就研究研究Youtube视频的下载、本地播放及格式转换。


Keepvid.com这个网站非常爽,只要把youtube相应视频的url填入,它就会自动提取出flv文件供下载了,而且速度还很快。keepvid支持大部分流行视频服务的下载,如google video,国内的tudou等。



下载一个FLV Player或者 Riva FLV Player

Riva FLV encoder可把FLV文件转换为avi、mpeg、wmv等更为常见的格式( more)。RivaFLVencoder同时也包括一个FLV播放器Riva FLV Player,但从功能、界面、资源消耗等方面考虑,还是FLV player强一点。

1、在input--input video里面打开要转换的FLV文件,或直接把文件拖拽到这里
2、在output--output directory里面选择输出文件的保存目录
3、在output--output video里面修输出文件的文件名和扩展名(如avi、wmv)

1、Riva FLV Encoder Help
2、 Flash 视频(FLV)编码,转换,录制,播放方案一网打尽
3、How to convert .flv (flash video) to .avi or .mpg
4、 Keepvid-Youtube等视频的下载服务


link suggestion - blog banned by Google

Hi. My name is Eugene Gershin. Perhaps we have met online, but more probably you don't know me from Adam. I monitor blogs for SamsonBlinded, and came across your post.

I'd like to welcome you to look at Obadiah Shoher's blog. Obadiah - an anonymous Israeli politician - writes extremely controversial articles about Israel, the Middle East politics, and terrorism.
Shoher is equally critical of Jewish and Muslim myths, and advocates political rationalism instead of moralizing.
Google banned our site from the AdWords, Yahoo blocked most pages, and Amazon deleted all reviews of Obadiah's book, Samson Blinded: A Machiavellian Perspective on the Middle East Conflict.
Nevertheless, 170,000 people from 78 countries read the book.

Various Internet providers ban us periodically, but you can look up the site on search engines. The mirror www.terrorismisrael.net/blog currently works.

Please help us spread Obadiah's message, and mention the blog in one of your posts, or link to us from spoondrift.blogspot.com. I would greatly appreciate your comments.

Best wishes,
Eugene Gershin




自从信誓旦旦地宣称我们不搞网络审查之后,我们的官员再度宣称, 中国的网民实际上是世界上最自由的。有文为证:

记 者昨天从刚刚结束的第五届亚太地区媒体与科技和社会发展研讨会上获悉,目前,我国也正在研究如何对互联网进行高度统一的管理模式。 国务院新闻办公室主任蔡武在闭幕式上做报告指出,中国的网民实际上是世界上最自由的。根据国 务院新闻办对全球20多个国家的调查,所有国家对互联网都是有管理的,都要求在本国宪法和法律范围内。"由于隐私权的问题,英国至今没有开放博客;韩国则 必须使用网络实名制,这个我国才刚提出",蔡武表示, 大多数国家网上不许跟帖,但我国这种现象却普遍存在。蔡表示,网络这样有高度融合性的技术需要高度统 一的管理,对此国家也正在研究。

对于中央的声明,我当然是一如既往地坚决拥护,我对我们身处的自由世界深信不疑,正如我们应该坚信世界上还有三分之二的苦难人民等待我们去解救一样。我们必须相信,所谓 撞墙只是我们没睡醒时候的幻觉,那些突然人间蒸发的论坛其实根本从来都没有存在过。而在这里比在任何国度都成长得更为茁壮的流氓、SP和推送广告,则是自由世界的鲜活见证。


Updated: 短暂的复活以后Wikipedia再次被封,这次连改host文件都不好使了。身为和谐国度的一个光荣国民还真他m的自由。


About SYN Flood

SYN Flood是当前最流行的DoS(拒绝服务攻击)与DdoS(分布式拒绝服务攻击)的方式之一,这是一种利用TCP协议缺陷,发送大量伪造的TCP连接请求,从而使得被攻击方资源耗尽(CPU满负荷或内存不足)的攻击方式。





以上的连接过程在TCP协议中被称为三次握手(Three-way Handshake)。

问题就出在TCP连接的三次握手中,假设一个用户向服务器发送了SYN报文后突然死机或掉线,那么服务器在发出SYN+ACK应答报文后是无法收到客户端的ACK报文的(第三次握手无法完成),这种情况下服务器端一般会重试(再次发送SYN+ACK给客户端)并等待一段时间后丢弃这个未完成的连接,这段时间的长度我们称为SYN Timeout,一般来说这个时间是分钟的数量级(大约为30秒-2分钟);一个用户出现异常导致服务器的一个线程等待1分钟并不是什么很大的问题,但如果有一个恶意的攻击者大量模拟这种情况,服务器端将为了维护一个非常大的半连接列表而消耗非常多的资源----数以万计的半连接,即使是简单的保存并遍历也会消耗非常多的CPU时间和内存,何况还要不断对这个列表中的IP进行SYN+ACK的重试。实际上如果服务器的TCP/IP栈不够强大,最后的结果往往是堆栈溢出崩溃——即使服务器端的系统足够强大,服务器端也将忙于处理攻击者伪造的TCP连接请求而无暇理睬客户的正常请求(毕竟客户端的正常请求比率非常之小),此时从正常客户的角度看来,服务器失去响应,这种情况我们称作:服务器端受到了SYN Flood攻击(SYN洪水攻击)。


Syn Attach(同步攻击)、ICMP flood(ICMP 泛滥)、UDP flood(UDP泛滥)、Ping of death (死亡ping)、IP spoofing(IP欺骗)、 Port Scan(端口扫描)、Land attack(陆地攻击)、Tear drop attack (撕毁攻击)、Filter IP source route option(过滤IP源路由选项)、IP address sweep option(IP地址扫描攻击)、WinNuke attack(WinNuke攻击)、Java/ActiveX/ZIP/EXE()、 Default packet deny(预设封包拒绝)、User-defined Malicious URL(用户可预设的恶意URL )、Per-source session limiting(每源口的会话限制)、Syn fragments(同步碎片)、Syn and Fin bit set (Syn和Fin位设置(bit set ))、No flags in TCP(TCP无标记)、FIN with no ACK (无确认FIN)、ICMP fragments(ICMP碎片)、Large ICMP(大型 ICMP)、IP source route(IP始发路由)、 IP record route(IP记录路由)、IP security options(IP安全选项)、IP timestamp( IP时间戳)、IP stream(IP流)、IP bad options(IP损害选项)、Unknown protocols(不明协议)等。


Windows Live Messenger 8.1

虽然Microsoft拒绝了我的Live Messenger 8.1试用请求,但是我还是从Ideas.live.com那里下载到了,事先我没有看网上对于8.1版本的评价,用了几个月,除了联系人卡片,没有发现其他的变化......

在2006年6月20日正式推出。Windows Live Messenger包括MSN Messenger的全部功能并再加上新的连接和共享文件方法,例如支持了MSN Messenger所不支持的离线消息以及离线共享文件。同时,微软也从Windows Live OneCare中提取出一个杀毒组件,专供MSN用于扫描接收到的文件。

2006年7月13日起,Windows Live Messenger的用户可以传送讯息给Yahoo! Messenger的用户。同时,也可互留Offline Messages(离线留言),互传振动提示(WLM 称为Nudge,而Yahoo! messenger 则称为Buzz),加入MSN用户及看见双方的上线(Online),繁忙(Busy),离线(Offline)等状态。









相关链接:The Million Dollar Homepage - Own a piece of internet history!



JSON on the new Blogger

From Michael Bolin's post on the GData APIs blog:

For those of you who have been trying to build client-side GData mashups but have been thwarted by the same-origin policy, we have some good news for you: you can now get public Base, Blogger, and Calendar feeds as JSON! This means that you can start displaying GData in your web page with a little JavaScript.
This means you can take any feed from the new version of Blogger, add alt=json-in-script and callback query parameters, and get a JSON representation of the feed that you can manipulate with JavaScript on any web page.

If you hack up something cool, post about it on the discussion group or link to this post so we'll see it in the backlinks. Extra points if you share it as a widget with our new Add to Blogger API.


Limited 50 mp/h



BlueScreen Screen Saver v3.2



One of the most feared colors in the NT world is blue. The infamous Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) will pop up on an NT system whenever something has gone terribly wrong. Bluescreen is a screen saver that not only authentically mimics a BSOD, but will simulate startup screens seen during a system boot.

On NT 4.0 installations it simulates chkdsk of disk drives with errors!

On Win2K and Windows 9x it presents the Win2K startup splash screen, complete with rotating progress band and progress control updates!

On Windows XP and Windows Server 2003 it present the XP/Server 2003 startup splash screen with progress bar!

Bluescreen cycles between different Blue Screens and simulated boots every 15 seconds or so. Virtually all the information shown on Bluescreen's BSOD and system start screen is obtained from your system configuration - its accuracy will fool even advanced NT developers. For example, the NT build number, processor revision, loaded drivers and addresses, disk drive characteristics, and memory size are all taken from the system Bluescreen is running on.

Use Bluescreen to amaze your friends and scare your enemies!

Bluescreen runs on Windows NT 4.0, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Server 2003 and Windows 9x (it requires DirectX).

Installation and Use

Note: before you can run Bluescreen on Windows 9x, you must copy \winnt\system32\ntoskrnl.exe from a Windows 2000 system to your \Windows directory.Simply copy Sysinternals BLUESCRN.SCR to your \system32 directory if on Windows NT/2K, or \Windows\System directory if on Windows 9x. Right click on the desktop to bring up the Display settings dialog and then select the "Screen Saver" tab. Use the pull down list to find "Sysinternals Bluescreen" and apply it as your new screen saver. Select the "Settings" button to enable fake disk activity, which adds an extra touch of realism!

More Information

You can find out how real Blue Screen's are generated, and what the information on the Blue Screen means in my December 1997 Windows NT Magazine NT Internal's column, "Inside the Blue Screen".

Download Bluescreen (64 KB)



OSCache标记库由OpenSymphony设计,它是一种开创性的JSP定制标记应用,提供了在现有 JSP页面之内实现快速内存缓冲的功能。
OSCache是个一个广泛采用的高性能的J2EE缓存框架,OSCache能用于任何Java应用程序的普通的 缓存解决方案。
拥有全面的API--OSCache API给你全面的程序来控制所有的OSCache特性。


Google’s 56 forgotten (secret) pages Part_2

I was writing Google's Secrets part 1. Time to show everybody, other Google things that most of us don't see/get.

Again, some of these pages are indeed still public, but either have not been seen by many people, have been missed or are just very hard to find. The rest are just NOT public anymore and can be found either by searching the search engines for keywords, or by consulting the sitemap.xml and the robots.txt files:

  1. Holiday Certificate: Enjoy the gift of Google ( local mirror).
  2. Enable Cookies help page.
  3. Google and Dilbert Doodle created by cartoonist Scott Adams for Google's Holiday Logos.
  4. About Dennis Hwang (Hwang Jung-moak) - the designer of almost all of Google's doodles. He's a 28 years old Korean artist.
  5. Google Grants returns the 404. I guess Google's tired to give money for free, or someone made a bubu. Also look at these Google Grants PDF documents from 2004 : Account Basics ( local mirror), Keywords (local mirror), Ads (local mirror), Extra Help ( local mirror).
  6. Why we sell advertising, not search results.
  7. Google Fan Logos - great collection of Google logos, made by fans all around the world. I don't think this page is public.
  8. Google's code of conduct - Our informal corporate motto is "Don't be evil".
  9. Google's financial data where we learn that they actually made a dedicated row for "Settlement of dispute with Yahoo" for the 2004 Google - Yahoo dispute. Funny thing is that the WSJ reports a figure of $328 million and Google reports a figure of $201 million (which represented about 6% of all of Google's 2004 income).
  10. Google Press Blog -YES, very few knew about it, I know. It even has a feed, so you can be up to date. None of the regular Google Blogs link to it anyway.
  11. Google Milestones - A history of Google's achievements.
  12. Trademark Complaint Procedures - If you have concerns about the use of your trademark in their advertiser's ads or in a parked domain name.
  13. Some older pages on a Google Tour and Building a better query
  14. The 2004 version of Google Labs: Why should you work at Google versus the 2006 (current) one.
  15. Explanation - Google's explanation of their very disturbing search results when searching for "Jew" (2004).
  16. Google Store, Americas and Worldwide - Buy stuff branded with Google, like a Google beach towel or a White Google Polo Shirt for your wife. And yes, the Google stores are developed using Microsoft Technology (ASP).
  17. Google Gulp - They are pleased to announce Google Gulp (BETA)™ with Auto-Drink™ (LIMITED RELEASE), a line of "smart drinks" designed to maximize your surfing efficiency by making you more intelligent, and less thirsty.
  18. 2000 Google Easter Animation - Catch the eggs in order to spell "Google" (if you complete the game twice, there's a suprise). Very funny and UGLY :)
  19. Some 100 Euro Adwords coupon for Google.de - Wrote in german.
  20. 10 Tips for Enterprise Search - A best practices tip sheet (local mirror).
  21. 10 things about Google's Philosophy .
  22. Google's fight spyware information page - In the footer, they recommend some anti-spyware programs.
  23. Google Alert #1: June 26, 2000, Google Launches World's Largest Search Engine (is that right ? ;) )
  24. 20 Year Usenet Timeline - "Google has fully integrated the past 20 years of Usenet archives into Google Groups, which now offers access to more than 800 million messages dating back to 1981. This is by far the most complete collection of Usenet articles ever assembled and a fascinating first-hand historical account."
  25. How to create a successful Google Grants campaign.
  26. Bouncing Heart Applet - See the 2000 and 2001 credits.
  27. Google Cheatsheet . FYI, did you knew that "~auto loan" will allow auto to match car, truck, etc ?. Here's an extended Cheat Sheet from GoogleGuide and another PDF Cheat Sheet for print.
  28. Google Jobs Internship Opportunities - They're looking for students pursuing degrees in computer science (or closely related areas), who love to problem-solve, code, and design.
  29. Google Jobs: Top 10 Reasons to Work at Google. I especially like #7 :

    7. Good company everywhere you look. Googlers range from former neurosurgeons, CEOs, and U.S. puzzle champions to alligator wrestlers and former-Marines. No matter what their backgrounds Googlers make for interesting cube mates.

    I mean, who the heck at Google is an alligator wrestler ?

  30. Video: An Inside Look at Google.
  31. Some funked up Google Logo, live on Google's servers, from (insert unknown year and ocasion here):

    Unknown Google Logo

  32. 2001 Google Search Guide PDFs - Front (local mirror ) and back (local mirror). From the content:

    If you have a general idea of the subject in which you're interested, but are not sure exactly what you're looking for, a directory is a great place to start. Directories like Yahoo! use human editors to organize information in broad categories, such as finance, sports, or travel. Think of them as giant card catalogs.

  33. 10 Google fun facts:

    Googlers are multifaceted. One operations manager, who keeps the Google network in good health is a former neurosurgeon. One software engineer is a former rocket scientist. And the company's chef formerly prepared meals for members of The Grateful Dead and funkmeister George Clinton.

  34. Google Timelines from 2001 (mentioned in the previous article too) and from 2002.
  35. Google Zeitgeist Special Edition - Election 2004 - A bit of insight into people's 2004 campaign interests.
  36. Hi resolution TIF images (zip archived) with Google Executives like Larry Page, Sergey Brin , Larry AND Sergey, Eric Schmidt, Cindy Mccaffrey, Craig Silverstein, David Drummund, George Reyes, Jonathan Rosenberg, Omid Kordestani and others. Here is the full list of zip archives:


  37. Zeitgeist Archive from 2001 to the present day, including searches done for CNN or World Trade Center, Pentagon, Nostradamus or Bin La Den on Sep. 11. Other Search Statistics Related to September 11, 2001.
  38. Corporate Information: Google Offices around the world featuring phones and addresses for each office, including driving directions - Page not public anymore.
  39. Google Content-Targeted Advertising - The ancestor of Adsense. From the page:

    How do you get started?

    It's easy. If you're a web publisher who sells advertising inventory, and your site receives more than 20 million page views a month, you may be a great fit for Google's content-targeted ads.

    20 Million ? Really ? :)

  40. Premium Service for AdSense PDF (local mirror ) - A 2003 PDF presentation of the Google Adsense Premium service. See the HTML version.
  41. A 2004 Adsense Tax PDF (local mirror). Look, we have a fax and a telephone number in the header :)
  42. Google AdSense Charity Ad Formats proposals and feedback requests. Amongst the questions asked by Google in this particular feedback page:

    1. What is your overall feedback about the proposed changes?
    2. The Public Service Announcements are no longer Google branded. What is your feedback about this specific change?

  43. The results was this page. They were named PSA too (from charity ads).
  44. Google AdSense Charity ad formats example (when there were only 6 formats available). Funny thing (if you look in the source code) about these "charity" ads, is the PUB ID and the fact that all those ID's are live :

    http://pagead2.googlesyndication.com/pagead/adclick?sa=l& ai=A0tJUlyc8_UJ8KIrzt8u3QG8AK_NVUnqLRIABAEAAFm-AEQwYh1ycsF2coR2b0 91NygDe5ADAseYVAAAA3IDO4lDMfF2cAIA&num=4&adurl= http://www.unitedway.org/%3Fas_grant&client=ca-slashdot_728×90

    So SlashDot used Adsense in the past ? Or was it a charity website ? :)

  45. A certain Frankfurt Print Tour by Thomson Course Technology.
  46. A cool 2004 Adsense Tour.
  47. Google Gmail tour from 2005 - It's movie based. Great tour BTW.
  48. 2005 Gmail Program Policies Redline version (???) - updated June 28, 2004.
  49. A page with bloggers that wrote (reviews) about Gmail.
  50. Gmail's Third Party Software Error page.
  51. Bulk e-mail sending tips and information from Gmail.
  52. 3 Gmail XMLs : spam-0, trash-0 and trash-1. Don't ask me what they are.
  53. A Google Healthcare Powerpoint presentation (zip) by Kevin Gough (Product Marketing Manager - Google Enterprise).
  54. Google Mini Sweepstakes Rules .
  55. A 2005 Google Search appliance flash presentation.
  56. Google Mini Administration Interface presentation . I always wondered how the Admin interface for a Mini looks like :)

IF, for some weird, unheard of reason I included here some URLs which were present in the old secret Google pages post too, don't take it personally.

Google’s secret and/or forgotten places

Basic Google search WITHOUT ADS - This has got to be my nicest find, and I'll be sure to bookmark it and use it a lot more than the usual Google. Don't remove the &output=googleabout from the URL, because it will not work otherwise.

An old advertisment page - An old advertisment page where we find the first Google AdWords Select program.

Solutions for Financial Services (metrics) - A page with some really interesting Google stats, dated November 2005.

Jumpstart - If you're a new advertiser planning to spend at least 50 U.S. dollars a day on AdWords, our Jumpstart specialists will use their extensive knowledge of AdWords to create a customized campaign that you can modify and use as a model for future campaigns.

Advertising Demos and Guides - Some really nice advertising tutorials, demos and guides.

10 Tips for Enterprise Search - Use these tips to find, index, and rank pages on your company websites more effectively as you improve your users' search experience.

The last Adwords newsletter - dated July 2004, with some really nice sidebar stats.

Guidelines for Third Party Use of Google Brand Features - ALL the Google trademarks for all their services. The page also provides guidelines for the use of Google's brand features.

The Google Web Directory - A page which is not public anymore, listing some nice infos and facts about the Google Directory.

Google Corporate contact page - Which is not public anymore, for some time now, and where we find some OTHER phone numbers than the ones used these days in their current contact page (go ahead and compare the phones below with the ones that are now in their contact pages):

Google Inc.
1600 Amphitheatre Parkway
Mountain View CA 94043
phone: (650) 623-4000
fax: (650) 618-1499

Security Issues E-mails - You will find e-mails and send reports regarding security problems with any of Google's services, systems, or networks. Quite useful.

Google dance 2002 and Google Dance 2003 - A funny Dance competition Google organized back then. Lots of never before seen photos of Googler's and the Plex.

Notification of Account Termination for My-Deja Email Accounts - I actually don't know what exactly the heck this is (I do have a basic ideea), but I'll mention it anyway.

Google Jobs@Britney - I think it's some test page of their spelling suggestion system. Anyway, I think I should report that page in the right spam report place, because it uses keyword stuffing :D

Google Lunar Jobs - Google is interviewing candidates for engineering positions at their lunar hosting and research center, opening late in the spring of 2007. Nice huh ?

Some Lunar jobs test page - A test/saved page which (I think) got left on the server. ANyway, you can re-see the old Google interface.

Add Google buttons to Netscape - Some really old page with info's on how to put favourite bookmarks in Netscape's browser (page not public anymore).

PDF Form Request your permission to use Google's brand features.

Googlers in the Halloween Spirit - Some cool pictures with Googlers from 2000's Halloween Party.

SEARCH AND DEPLOY - The race to build a better search engine - The New Yorker, May 29, 2000 © Michael Specter 2000. May not be reprinted without permission.

Google's Zeitgeist 2001 Timeline - A neat Zeitgeist 2001 press timeline with some nice coverage and info's. Offcourse it's not public anymore ;)

Google's 3 Billion mark - Google offers immediate access to 3 billion web documents (December 11, 2001)

Google's 6 Billion mark - Google offers immediate access to 6 billion web documents (February 17, 2004)

Google's Adsense launch - Google, developer of the award-winning Google search engine, today announced a new self-service option for Google AdSense, a program that enables website publishers to serve ads precisely targeted to the specific content of their individual web pages (June 18, 2003).

ASK.com begins using Google's PPC program - Ask Jeeves and Google sign $100 million three-year deal (July 18, 2002).

Yahoo! and Google Join Forces - (Now that's a FIRST) Yahoo! Everywhere and Google join forces to offer award-winning search technology to wireless Internet users (April 10, 2001).

Google Searches Related to America Under Attack - Google searches, stats and graphs from the 9/11/01 event (page not public anymore).

Google US Puzzle Championship - Is your brain feeling under utilized? Not enough mental challenge in your day job?

Fade PSAs - A suggestion gone extinct.

Papers written by Googlers - A partial list of papers written by people now at Google, showing the range of backgrounds of people in Google Engineering.

Online Business presentation page - Google can help your business make more money (yeah right)… Page not public anymore.

1, 2, 3, 4 - What the heck are these PDF documents ?

Improving Google Adwords - The ideas and the engineers that drive online advertising innovation.

Google.org mirror - Exactly that. This page is a perfect mirror of Google.org.



OSCache标记库由OpenSymphony设计,它是一种开创性的JSP定制标记应用,提供了在现有 JSP页面之内实现快速内存缓冲的功能。
OSCache是个一个广泛采用的高性能的J2EE缓存框架,OSCache能用于任何Java应用程序的普通的 缓存解决方案。
拥有全面的API--OSCache API给你全面的程序来控制所有的OSCache特性。





Vegetable Projectiles

The Jonny and Pumkin Chunkin Weekend Projects - Make Podcast:


Vegetable Projectiles

Wikipedia Hijacked to Spread Malware

Computer users are being warned against opening unsolicited mails after hackers took advantage of the popular Wikipedia encyclopedia in their attempt to spread malicious code.

Wikipedia allows anyone to create and modify articles, a policy of openness which has often been abused by mischief-makers in the past. Taking advantage of this fact, an article on the German edition of Wikipedia, de.wikipedia.org, was created by hackers claiming to include a link to a fix for a supposedly new version of the Blaster worm. However, the 'fix' was actually a piece of malicious code, designed to infect visitors' PCs.

Hackers then spammed out an email to German computer users, claiming to come from Wikipedia, and directing them to information about the 'new worm'.

"The good news is that the authorities at Wikipedia quickly identitifed and edited the article on their site," said Graham Cluley, senior technology consultant for Sophos. "Unfortunately, however, the previous version of the page was still present in the archive and was continuing to point to malicious code. The hackers were thus able to send out spam pointing people to the page on Wikipedia, and try and lead them into infection."

Wikipedia has now confirmed that it has permanently erased the archived version of the page.

"The very openness of websites like Wikipedia—which allow anyone to edit pages—makes them terrific, but can also make them less trustworthy. In this case, it wasn't just that the information posted in Wikipedia's articles was misleading, it was downright malicious," continued Cluley. "Everyone should exercise caution and ensure they have appropriate defenses in place to protect their computer systems. Additionally, people should remember that if there really is a new threat on the internet, you're likely to hear about it first from the security companies, not an online encyclopedia."

向伟大的 Dark_AleX 致敬

PSP Developer

2.71 Special Edition - Revision B'' custom firmware
2.71 Special Edition - Revision B' custom firmware
2.71 Special Edition - Revision B custom firmware
Decrypter Test (makes Ridge Racer 2 pbp demo playable on 2.71 hen/SE/devhook)
2.71 Special Edition - Revision A custom firmware
Update Flasher (generic downgrader) for 2.71
Homebrew enabler for 2.71 (Revision C)
Homebrew Enabler version for Devhook
Devhook launcher port to 2.71 (now with support of 2.71 flash)
Devhook launcher port to 2.71
Homebrew enabler for 2.71 (Revision B) with better binary loading
Homebrew enabler for 2.71 (Revision B)
Homebrew enabler for 2.71 (Revision A)
PSAR dumper mod with 2.60-2.80 decryption and "signature check" generation

tO bE cOnTiNuE......


标记主题 - Web 网页安全色谱

Web 网页安全色谱


《北京 7台》的节目披露:


  有一妇女手提包被偷,里面有手机、银行卡、钱包等。 20分钟后,当她打电话告诉老公被偷的事,老公惊呼:啊,我刚才收到你的短信问咱家卡的密码,我立马就回了! 赶到银行时已被告知里面所有的钱都已被提走。

   小偷通过用偷来的手机发送短信给 "亲爱的老公" 而获取了密码,然后在短短20分钟内把钱取走了。

  教训:不要在手机通讯录暴露本人与联系人的关系,忌用 "家" 、" 老公"、 "爸" 、" 妈"等定义联系人。  

  2、一个您不能不知道的 ,112专线



  全国各地通用的112专线,在手机打开后即使没有接收讯号,甚至电力极为微弱,任何厂牌的手机在任何地点皆可拨通。 拨出112后,马上会进入语音说明如下∶这里是行动电话112紧急救难专线,如果您要报案,请拨0,我们将会为您转接pol.ice局;如果您需要救助, 请拨9,我们将会为您转接消防局。中文讲完后,会以英文重述一遍。此时只要拨0或9,一定会有人接听。以三位护士所处的情况,或登山迷途与山难时,应拨 9,将可获得即时的救助。

  为测试此项功能,本人曾数次至偏远深山等收讯不良处实地测试,结果是百试皆灵。希望全国每个人都能知到112这项手 机功能,也希望每个人能尽量与大家分享,周遭如有外国朋友也应告知他们。并且每个人应实地至荒郊野外测试三次以上,以增加印象与记忆力。我相信如果这三位 护士于发生灾难当时知道这项功能,应可不至于受困三夜始被救出。  


  请大家注意身体, 爱吃方便面的一定要看 , 不要直接用碗面、杯面所附的容器食用。




  为了自己的身体,不要偷懒啊!知道吗 ??  


  我《紧缺人才》的同学听过一件很可怕的事……事情发生在有一天,一个 21岁男生戴着隐形眼镜去叁加一个烤肉聚会!就在他开始以木炭生火之後的几分钟内,他突然大叫,然後很痛苦的跳来跳去,在地上打滚 ……全场的人都吓呆了,没人知道究竟发生了什麽事?大家赶紧送他到医院,医生说,他永远都看不见了!



Download pictures from Yahoo or 163


1:打开http://163.zpoo.com/ 输入你要下载的用户名 就会拉出相册里面的文件夹列表;


3:然后打开网际快车或者其他下载工具 ,在"文件"菜单下选择"导入下载列表",然后选择开打你刚刚保存下来的那个文件,这时网际快车或都迅雷就会跳出熟悉的批量下载对话框,然后选择下载文件夹开始下载

另外此网站还提供YAHOO相册批量下载 地址是http://yahoo.zpoo.com 操作方法和上面类似。


eBay - Storage,eBay的数据量


作为电子商务领头羊的 eBay 公司,数据量究竟有多大? 很多朋友可能都会对这个很感兴趣。在这一篇
Web 2.0: How High-Volume eBay Manages Its Storage(从+1 GB/1 min得到的线索)报道中,eBay 的存储主管 Paul Strong 对数据量做了一些介绍,管中窥豹,这些数据也给我们一个参考。


  • 平均每天的 PV 超过 10 亿 ;
  • 每秒钟交易大约 1700 美元的商品 ;
  • 每分钟卖出一辆车A ;
  • 每秒钟卖出一件汽车饰品或者配件 ;
  • 每两分钟卖出一件钻石首饰 ;
  • 6 亿商品,2 亿多注册用户; 超过 130 万人把在 eBay 上做生意看作是生活的一部分。

在这样高的压力下,可靠性达到了 99.94%,也就是说每年 5 个小时多一点的服务不可用。从业界消息来看,核心业务的可用性要比这个高。

数据存储工程组控制着 eBay 的 2PB (1Petabyte=1000TeraBytes) 可用空间。这是一个什么概念,对比一下Google 的存储就知道了。每周就要分配 10T 数据出去,稍微算一下,一分钟大约使用 1G 的数据空间。


eBay 使用一套传统的网格计算系统。该系统的一些特征数据:
  • 170 台 Win2000/Win2003 服务器;
  • 170 台 Linux (RHES3) 服务器;
  • 三个 Solaris 服务器: 为 QA 构建与部署 eBay.com; 编译优化 Java / C++ 以及其他 Web 元素 ;
  • Build 整个站点的时间:过去是 10 个小时,现在是 30 分钟;
  • 在过去的2年半, 有 200 万次 Build,很可怕的数字。


  • 交换机: Brocade
  • 网管软件:IBM Tivoli
  • NAS: Netapp(占总数据量的 5%,2P*0.05, 大约 100 T)
  • 阵列存储:HDS (95%,这一份投资可不小,HDS 不便宜, EMC 在 eBay 是出局者)负载均衡与 Failover: Resonate ;

搜索功能: Thunderstone indexing system ;
数据库软件:Oracle 。大多数 DB 都有 4 份拷贝。数据库使用的服务器 Sun E10000。另外据我所知, eBay 购买了 Quest SharePlex 全球 Licence 用于数据复制.


  • 使用单一的两层架构(这一点有点疑问,看来是自己写的应用服务器)
  • 330 万行的 C++ ISAPI DLL (二进制文件有 150M)
  • 数百名工程师进行开发
  • 每个类的方法已经接近编译器的限制


  • 集中化存储应用程序日志;
  • 全局计费:实时的与第三方应用集成(就是eBay 自己的 PayPal 吧?)
  • 业务事件流:使用统一的高效可靠消息队列. 并且使用 Cookie-cutter 模式用于优化用户体验(这似乎是大型电子商务站点普遍使用的用于提高用户体验的手法)。


零散作了一点流水帐。作为一个 DBA, 或许有一天也有机会面对这样的数据量。到那一天,再回头看这一篇电子垃圾。

My Blog Crashed

Microsoft Windows [版本 5.2.3790]
(C) 版权所有 1985-2003 Microsoft Corp.

C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator>ping spoondrift.blogspot.com

Pinging blogspot.l.google.com [] with 32 bytes of data:

Request timed out.
Request timed out.
Request timed out.
Request timed out.

Ping statistics for
    Packets: Sent = 4, Received = 0, Lost = 4 (100% loss),

C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator>tracert spoondrift.blogspot.com

Tracing route to blogspot.l.google.com []
over a maximum of 30 hops:

  1    <1 ms    <1 ms    <1 ms
  2   269 ms   231 ms   199 ms
  3     2 ms     2 ms     2 ms
  4     3 ms     2 ms     2 ms
  5     *        *        *     Request timed out.
  6    31 ms   240 ms   179 ms
  7  8.198 [ ]  reports: Destination host unreachable.

Trace complete.

C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator>telnet spoondrift.blogspot.com 80
正在连接到spoondrift.blogspot.com.. .不能打开到主机的连接, 在端口 80: 连接失败

C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator>telnet 80
正在连接到72.14.219.191...不能打开到主机的连接, 在端口 80: 连接失败



原作 蛇语者

第一次出现在故事里的战斗力探测器是拉蒂斯带来的,第一次测孙悟空和短笛的战斗力分别是334和 323,第二次两人将负重除下后的探测数值是416和408,值得一提的是,此时毫无武功的孙悟饭的爆发战斗力是710,战斗中,孙悟空把战斗力集中在一 点的冲击波战斗力是924,而短笛的魔贯光杀炮的战斗力是1330,暴怒的孙悟饭瞬间战斗力达到1307,拉蒂斯对后两者的数据都相当恐惧,据此可以推算 出他的战斗力可能不到1300,后来事实也证明,拉蒂斯对于超过1300的攻击毫无防御力,即使是毫无战斗经验的武饭的头锤也能将其击伤,魔贯光杀炮更把 他打个对穿。
贝吉塔和那巴来到地球的时候,使用了栽培人。栽培人的战斗力是1200,由此可见,拉蒂斯确实是赛亚人中的废柴,竟然比奴隶兵也高不 到哪里。而此时贝吉塔的战斗力,按照后面杜利安的说法,应该是18000,至于那巴,在书中没有正面提到,在贝吉塔说孙悟空的战斗在5000左右时,他吓 得不轻,但后来仍敢于与孙悟空对战,而孙悟空把战斗力提到8000时,可以轻易对付那巴,基本可以认为他的战斗力在5000以上不多8000以下很多,估 计在6000上下。
在 地球时战斗力18000的贝吉塔,回到弗利萨星治疗后到达那美克星,击败阿乔的时候被测得的战斗力是24000,增加了33%,按照这个比例推算,他被萨 波打成烂泥又治好后,战斗力应该升至32000。但是这个战斗力仍然不是基纽特种部队力高的对手,贝吉塔又被那个变态打成烂泥。孙悟空到达后给贝吉塔吃了 一颗仙豆,恢复后的他战斗力应该升至43000,比那个唯一的战斗型那美克星人尼路略高,他是42000,从这点上说,尼路可能轻易杀死杜利安和萨波,从 后来贝吉塔比较从容地杀死捷斯来看,尼路可能比捷斯略强一点……说回贝吉塔,这个白痴后来让小林把他打成重伤,又被丹迪治好,这时的战斗力也就 57000,对面那个弗利萨第一状态是530000,差距太大了。真可怜呐,在强手如云的那美克星战场,他这点儿战斗力实在是渣啊。
短笛的战斗力 则不太容易推算。短笛来到那美克星遇到尼路的时候,尼路非常惊讶,对短笛的战斗力"难以置信",至少可以说明他的战斗力远比尼路多,我们假设为X,虽然知 道尼路的战斗力是42000,但是那美克星人合体的战斗力加成却不知道。能够作为依据的是,短笛在穿着负重的情况下(当然那种份量对他们这个层次的人恐怕 没多少意义),能够和一变的弗利萨打成平手,而一变的弗利萨"战斗力在100万以上",简单推算的话,融合了尼路的短笛的战斗力也在100万左右。

孙 悟空被治好以后,按照战斗力恢复率33%计算,当时战斗力应该是10600,他带着七颗仙豆乘飞船赶往那美克星的途中锻炼,到达以后还剩3颗仙豆,也就是 说他在100倍重力下濒死复苏4次,考虑到极高重力环境对战斗力回复有刺激作用(后面贝吉塔也是在百倍重力下锻炼成超赛的),把悟空在飞船里的战斗力恢复 率升到50%和70%,得出了接近书中数据的数值:

仙豆                战斗力恢复效率
         33%             50%              70%
第一颗  14000           16000            18000
第二颗  18600           24000            30600
第三颗  24700           36000            52000
第四颗  32850           54000            88400

120000 本底战斗力的孙悟空开着十倍界王拳和三变的弗利萨对打只能占下风,而此时的弗利萨"只用了一半的力量"(界王语)。由此推算,三变弗利萨的战斗力在250 万左右。而超级赛亚人状态的孙悟空的战斗力则不得而知,不过既然他能如此轻松的KO三变+爆发状态的弗利萨,想必他的战斗力应该在300万以上。

赛 亚人在濒死状态复苏后战斗力会飚升,我认为原因是在受到致命的巨大打击后战斗精神崩溃,而在肉体复原时战斗精神也即随之复原,而且进行了一定程度上的补 偿,就如同肌肉纤维断裂后再长好,会长得更粗一般,战斗精神的增长导致战斗力的增长。而因为赛亚人是奇特的战斗种族,战斗精神终其一生持续不断,只有在被 打至重伤时才会受挫。
而混血儿的精神里不仅存在赛亚人的战斗精神,大多数时间占统治地位的更是平和的地球人性格,只有在修炼、战斗的时候战斗精神 才会突现出来,而在修炼、战斗结束后,战斗精神则被人性压制,在某种程度上,相当于战斗精神受挫。这样,在肉体不经历残酷打击的情况下,战斗精神却在日常 生活中一而再、再而三的受挫,相当于一次又一次突破极限,最终在不知不觉的情况下发展出远超过纯种赛亚人的战斗力。
孙悟饭,是一个特殊的例子。在 他0-4岁的这一段时间,受到琦琦的严格管理,一心想成为一个学者。一个人的婴幼儿时代接受的讯息,往往会刻入他的潜意识中并在他一生中持续发挥影响。孙 悟饭幼年这样一个和战斗者完全相反的定位,使得他的战斗精神受到的压制比别的混血儿更强,造成了两个现象,一是他在愤怒――也即战斗精神爆发――的情况 下,拥有超凡的战斗力;二是每次战斗精神崩溃得比别人更严重,受压制更厉害,使得他最终再次突破极限,成为超越超级赛亚人。


El Alamein - 血战阿拉曼




后来还是以"ED2K El Alamein"为关键字搜索才找到了有不少源的连接。


El Alamein(2002)











WinRAR 3.60 Serial Number

Save this to rarreg.key

RAR registration data
Lukacs Attila
Single PC usage license

Wikimedia Come Back


New version of the Google Translate

Google本地化的工作一直在进行,昨日,发现其对Language Tools,做了更新:







I Started A Blog Nobody Read


I started a blog which nobody read.. When I went to work, I blogged there instead..I started a blog which nobody view..

I started a blog but nobody came; no issues were raised, no comments were made;

I started a blog which nobody read.. all I did wasn't that great but you must know here's what is said..

I started a blog; I sent you the link; I wanted you the world to know what I think..

I started a blog but when I read yours; it made me forget what I had started my for..



搜索MP3 — Google就是Napster

其实下面的方法google advanced search operators上都有涉及,只不过一般人不太会运用而已。
拿Bon Jovi举个例子,在google搜索栏中输入
-inurl:(htm|html|php) intitle:"index of" +"last modified" +"parent directory" +description +size +(wma|mp3) "Bon Jovi"
(可用其他歌手或歌名替代Bon Jovi)



前段时间,国家公安部加强了对互联网安全的管制,不仅要求个人网站备案还要求所有公司必须使用监控设备或软件来记录公司员工所有的网络访问活动,强制要求 至少保留60天的日志记录。
ScatterChat is unique in that it is intended for non-technical human rights activists and political dissidents operating behind oppressive national firewalls.


What is PixSense?
PixSense is a new way of taking, sharing, and managing pictures and videos captured with your camera phone. PixSense makes taking, sharing, and managing pictures with camera phones really easy; it makes it so simple, that all you do is Click, and then you're Done.
Photos and videos captured from your camera phone get automatically uploaded to the PixSense Web Gallery
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The MICHELIN® TWEEL™ amazing invention November 2005
Accolades continue to roll in for Michelin innovation
NEW YORK, N.Y. (November 14, 2005) – Time magazine has selected Michelin's Tweel™ innovation as "One of the Most Amazing Inventions of 2005." The honor is reported in the Nov. 21 issue of the magazine, which hit newsstands today.

"Michelin innovation is the fuel that drives our market-leading products and customer satisfaction," said Terry Gettys, president of Michelin Americas Research and Development Corp. "Tweel has certainly captured the imagination of the transportation world with its potential to radically transform mobility. We are honored to have been recognized by the editors of Time magazine for Michelin's success in improving mobility in every form."

November has been a month filled with accolades for Michelin innovation.

  • On Nov. 1, 2005, the inventors of the radial tire, Marius Mignol and Pierre Bourbon, were inducted into the Tire Industry Association (TIA) Hall of Fame for their invention that improved the safety, performance and efficiency of tires.

  • On Nov. 8, Michelin's Tweel innovation was named to Popular Science's "Best of What's New" honor in the Automotive Technology category.

  • On Nov. 9, Michelin received its second InnoVision Hall of Fame Award for its extraordinary Tweel breakthrough.

  • On Nov. 14, Time magazine named Michelin's Tweel Innovation as "One of the Most Amazing Inventions of 2005."

Michelin Tweel, the revolutionary non-pneumatic tire and wheel assembly invented at Michelin's North American research center in Greenville, S.C., is quite simply a tire without air. Michelin is developing a variety of applications for the innovation ranging from the iBOT wheelchair to construction equipment to military vehicles and more.

The world's largest tire maker, Michelin (www.michelin.com) manufactures and sells tires for every type of vehicle, including airplanes, automobiles, bicycles, earthmovers, farm equipment, heavy-duty trucks, motorcycles and the space shuttle. The company also publishes travel guides, maps and atlases covering Europe, Asia, Africa and North America. Headquartered in Greenville, S.C., Michelin North America employs more than 23,000 and operates 20 plants in 16 locations.





大家分区的时侯都会输入数字,比如你想得到一个2G的分区你也许会输入2000M或者2048M其实你输入的这些数字所分出来的区在Windows下面都 不会被认成整数的2G,而是1.9xG,想要得到Windows下的整数G分区,你必须知道一个公式,通过这个公式算出的值就是被Windows认成整数 G的值。


例如我想得到Windows下的3G整数空间,那么我分区时 就应该输入(3-1)*4+1024*3=3080。
同理欲分出10G的空间则应该是(10-1)*4 +1024*10=10276

(5-1)*4+1024*5=5136    5G
(10-1)*4+1024*10=10276  10G 
(15-1)*4+1024*15=15416  15G 
(20-1)*4+1024*20=20556  20G







  HARD WORK(努力工作):H+A+R+D+W+O+R+K=8+1+18+4+23+15+18+11=98%





Picasa2 Teddy Bears

Press "Ctrl+Shift+Y".

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Daily Tarot Reading

Cool Javascript

javascript:R=0; x1=.1; y1=.05; x2=.25; y2=.24; x3=1.6; y3=.24; x4=300; y4=200; x5=300; y5=200; DI=document.images; DIL=DI.length; function A(){for(i=0; i-DIL; i++){DIS=DI[ i ].style; DIS.position='absolute'; DIS.left=Math.sin (R*x1+i*x2+x3)*x4+x5; DIS.top=Math.cos(R*y1+i*y2+y3)*y4+y5}R++}setInterval('A()',5); void(0);



this is a test.


Perty Doggy

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Web 2.0 编程思想:16条法则


原文:Thinking in Web 2.0: Sixteen Ways
作者:Dion Hinchcliffe

1、在你开始之前,先定一个简单的目标。 无论你是一个Web 2.0应用的创建者还是用户,请清晰的构思你的目标。就像"我需要保存一个书签"或者"我准备帮助人们创建可编辑的、共享的页面"这样的目标,让你保持最 基础的需求。很多Web 2.0应用的最初吸引之处就是它的简单,避免并隐藏了那些多余的复杂性。站在创建者的立场,可以想象Google的几乎没有内容的主页,还有 del.icio.us的简单的线条。从最终用户的角度来看,与之齐名的就是Diggdot.us所提供的初始化页面。你能够并且希望加入更多功能,但是先做好最开始的。在一个时候只做一个特性,完成一个目标。这听起来很太过于单纯化了,但它将使你更加专注,而且你也会明白我的意思。


1. Web上的任何东西都是可以被URI或者是URL所连接的。
2. 把所有的链接都保存为他的原始出处,这样可以让你与任何人、在任何地方、任何时候都能分享它。
3. 第二条中任何时候的前提是链接必须是持久的,它不会在没有任何缘由的情况下被改变或者是消失。
4. 链接应该是人类可读的、稳定的、并且能够自我诠释的。

3、数据应该属于创建它的人。是的,你听我的。任何用户创建的、贡献 的或分享的都是他们自己的,除非他们很明显的放弃这个权力来让你自由处置。他们贡献到Web上的任何信息都应该是可编辑的、能被删除的、并且能够取消共 享,无论在任何时候,只要用户愿意。这也包含了那些间接的数据,像他们所关心的记录、日志、浏览历史、网站访问信息,或者是任何可以被跟踪的信息。所有的 网站必须清晰简单的陈诉那些信息是用户创建的,并且提供他们停止创建的方法,甚至是清除的方法。

4、数据优先,体验与功能其次。 无论它是文本、图片、音频还是视频,Web最终还是把这些解析为数据。换句话说,你无法脱离数据去呈现内容。所有这些数据都通过那些易于发现的URL来定 位(参见第2条)。通过另一种形式来看待这些,Web最终是名词优先,动词其次,虽然最近正在向动词偏移。来看看名词的例子:日历的条目、家庭照片、股票 价格。还有一些动词的例子:定一个约会、共享一张图片、买一份股票。

5、做好积极分享一切的准备。 尽可能的分享一切,你所拥有的所有数据,你所提供的所有服务。鼓励不遵循原有意图的使用,提倡贡献,不要那些需要分享的内容坚持设置为私有的。在分享与发 现之后,提供易于使用的浏览方式是显而易见的需求。为什么呢:话说回来,你会从别人的共享之中受益匪浅。注意:这里没有许可让你去侵犯版权保护的法律,你 不能够去分享你刻录的DVD或者是拥有商业版权音乐,因为你已经同意不会去分享这些东西。但是你可以发现并分享那些完全开放的媒体内容。一个小小的建议, 你可以学习一下 Creative Commons license(共创协议).

6、Web是一个平台;要让它成长。 当然,我们还有很多其他的平台(Windows、Linux、Mac),但是那些已经不是重点了。换句话说,Web是无法脱离的平台,不会中断的平台,你 可以通过各种方式去扩展的平台。你在Web上提供的数据与服务将会成为Web一部分,最终你会在Web平台的某一处扮演你的角色。扮演好你的角色并照顾好 后来者。

7、理解与信奉"阶梯性"。现在的Web越来越大,几乎蔓延到了全世界的所有国家,并且 已经拥有了10亿用户。我的观点是Web的各个组成部分存在着细微的区别和不同,就像不同地方的用户那样。例如Web的设计部分:易用性永远优先于速度、 可靠性、重用性与可集成性。你也应该提供同样的体验给你的用户。它已经被一次又一次的被人们在文档中强调,忠诚的用户很快会成为专业的用户,他们期待更快 的速度还有更多。退一步支持他们。同样,也有很多很多的用户会进入这个阶梯的底端,如你所期待的那样。他们可能不会说你的语言,不熟悉你的文化,甚至不知 道是如何到这里的。所以你需要向他们表达清楚。

8、任何东西都是可编辑的。或者是它应该被编织的 更好。要确定的是,只有很少的东西是不能被编辑的,剩下的都可以,这是一个可写的Web。这并不意味着原始内容的丢失,而通常被理解为用户能够很容易的对 内容加以评论,或者评注内容是在那里发现的。如果你对此应用的好,他们能够比你所想象的做的更多(把内容串起来并且给予原始内容来创建自己的,等等)。

9、Web上的身份是神圣的。 不幸的是,这并不意味着你能够得到更多的隐私(这完全是上个世纪的想法)。但对身份的验证是必要的,你应该感谢那些只需一个邮件地址就能确定你身份的服 务。这意味只要你对你的用户承诺了,你就必须保证他们的隐私安全。必要的时候,在这个世界的某处你还得为你的用户挺身而出,向当地的权威挑战。如果你没有 打算那样做,你就得把实际情况告诉你的用户。另一方面,如果身份是必须的,不要试图伪装它,不然在某一天我们将会在Web上放弃我们的最后一点点隐私的权 利。

10、了解流行的标准并且使用他们。从一个消费者或者是创作者的立场来看,数据将会以不同的 格式与任何一个人交换。同时这样的数据也会反过来促进标准的完善与采纳。这通常意味像RSS、 OPML、XHTML、Simple XML、JSON等简单标准的流行,而避免SOAP、XSD,还有RDF、ATOM也一样,使用它们会给我的内心带来痛苦。请你也为你所钟爱的标准投上一 票来支持它们。

11、遵循无意使用的规律。如果你把非常有趣的数据和服务用广泛使用的格式开放和 共享出去,你将会得到你所应得的,其他人也将会基于你的那一块Web平台来构建。或许还会从别人那里得到更多,所以为这个做一下准备比较好。我已记不清有 多少次我看到一个播客(podcasting)服务因为流行过渡而导致服务垮掉,就是因为他们被 Slashdot和del.icio.us给收录了。这一点要知道:网络上的大量化意味着如果一个内容非常有趣,即使是一个很小的角落也会得到惊人的访问 量。鼓励使用这种方式,它还是非常有价值的,前提是你要有所准备。

12、粒化你的数据与服务。我 们应该在很早以前就明白这些,大规模集成的数据仅仅适用于无需管理的下载与批量操作。分解你的数据,让他们独立成可描述的URL地址,对你的服务也一样。 反过来说,你不要创建一些巨大的、复杂的、像圣诞树那样的数据结构和服务。保持简单,要非常的简单。让这些分离的片断能够容易的被重组和发现。


14、让用户组织并过滤信息。 不一定是必须的,但却是非常重要的。让用户以他们自己的方式来标注和组织数据,因为你自己是永远无法及时的处理他们的。用户会按照他们自己理解的最佳方式 来处理并构建。要保证你的Web服务能够按照用户所需所想的方式来工作。这也是标签(tagging)和通俗分类(folksonomies )的方式如此成功的主要因素。

15、提供丰富的用户体验。Web一直都在和本地的应用程序进行着激烈的竞争。为什么?因为本地程序还是感觉上好一些,速度也快一些。但是这不会长久的(确信在5年或者15年后,这种竞争就不存在了)。是的,我在谈论Rich Internet Applications , Ajax, 还有那些不可思议的交互应用。他们让Web成为了一个真正的"无平台"的平台,如果你知道我是怎么想的。

16、信奉并支持快速改进和反馈。 这个通常意味着加快步伐,但也意味着使用轻量级的工具、技术和不要做出那些适得其反的痛苦决定(例如使用一个被层层环绕的Ajax框架来代替可以通过混合 来实现的,或者用C++来构建所有的东西,其实使用Ruby会更好一些)。这同时也意味着需要一个非常快速的方式来处理错误报告,修复Bug,释放新版 本。从一个用户的角度来看,报告你所发现的任何问题,还有那些你经常抱怨的地方,甚至那些都不是一个Bug。

当然,Web 2.0是一个极其广泛和深奥的话题,没有一个人能够列举出它的所有重点和特征。如果你对此充满了兴趣,请花一点时间来补充我没有提到的地方。我想这就是Web 2.0的参与性吧!

原作者的这个标题借鉴了Bruce Eckel的两本畅销书的名字:《Thinking in C++》和《Thinking in Java》,《C++编程思想》与《Java编程思想》,在此说明一下为什么要这样翻译这个题目:)




1.YouTube上面一共有超过600万个视频, 并且每个月增长20%;









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1、在input--input video里面打开要转换的FLV文件,或直接把文件拖拽到这里
2、在output--output directory里面选择输出文件的保存目录
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1、Riva FLV Encoder Help
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3、How to convert .flv (flash video) to .avi or .mpg